ISO Reimbursements Scheme

It is an all India Scheme administered by Development Commissioner (MSME), Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India.

  1. The Scheme envisages reimbursement of charges of acquiring ISO-9000/ISO-14001/HACCP certifications to the extent of 75% of the expenditure towards payment made  to certifying body (NABCB approved) and payment made towards consultancy & training from NRBPT / NABET / CII / FICCI / ASSOCHAM registered consultants, and calibration charge, subject to a maximum of Rs. 75,000/- in each case. The Scheme is valid upto 31st March'2012.

  2. The Permanent Registered Small Scale/ancillary/Tiny/Small Scale Service Business Enterprises (SSSBE) units are eligible to avail the Incentive Scheme.

  3. The Scheme is applicable to those SSI/ancillary/Tiny/SSSBE units who have already acquired ISO-9000/ISO-14001/HACCP certification.

  4. The Scheme shall provide one time reimbursement only against a Entrepreneurship Memorandum Number. The amount of incentive / subsidy / grant already availed for acquiring ISO 9000 or ISO 14001/HACCP Certification under any Central Govt. (including DC(MSME) Incentive Scheme)/State Govt. /Financial Institution shall be adjusted against the entitlement of reimbursement.

    It means the total entitlement of reimbursement of acquiring one or more than one certifications shall be up to the maximum limit of Rs. 75,000/- only. In case a unit has received reimbursement/subsidy/grant from Central Govt./State Govt./Financial Institution against any one of the certifications for an amount less than maximum limit of Rs. 75,000/-, the unit shall be eligible to receive the balance amount only.
  5. (a) Only one time reimbursement is allowed against a E.M. Number for acquiring ISO-9000/ISO-14001/HACCP certification; irrespective of the fact whether the concerned SSI has one or more than one Unit(s) within the same premises/location or outside .

    (b) In case an ISO-9000/ISO-14001/HACCP certificate is obtained jointly by SSI units (even having a separate Permanent E.M. Number) under the corporate/group of Industries category, the total reimbursement shall be limited to 75% of the total expenditure incurred by the concerned units or Rs. 75,000/- whichever is less;

MSME-DI, Hubli is dealing with reimbursement of MSEs of North Karnataka Districts. MSEs of north Karnataka Districts may apply for ISO-9000/ISO-14001/HACCP reimbursement to the Director, MSME-DI, Hubli in the prescribed format along with all annexures downloaded from enclosing all Invoices & Receipts of payment duly attested by CA/DIC

Progress of ISO 9000 Reimbursed Units
(Cases for the year 2008-09, 2009-10 & 2010-11)